online publication is the virtual counterpart to the exhibition, Agency of Living Organisms. The website is a map and guide to different notions of ecology that have emerged out of contemporary artistic practice.


Upon landing on we are submerged in a disorientating constellation of partially hidden worlds. Micro and macro blur. The silvery mists that obscure our view render familiar shapes alien. We begin to question who and what we habitually recognise as human or animal, organic or mineral, artificial or natural.


Ecology, or more precisely ecological thinking, is an unfolding of interdisciplinary practices, driven by an urgent need to rethink value systems that no longer feel adequate. How do we measure and categorise the world around us? What do we place value in?


This virtual counterpart to exhibition, is an attempt to bring together audio, visual and text based research from participating artists and scientists that have all, in someway, reframed ecological thinking. Placed together the shadowy relations between the different works become apparent.

In other words, is its own dark ecology.


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