Let The Sun Shine In (2012)

The Mindpirates present Lionel Williams

Let the Sun Shine In — The Berlin Sessions
Mindpirates Projektraum
January 22 – January 28 2012

In the midst of the darkness of winter in Berlin in 2012, we let the sun shine in and brought Lionel William‘s bright, imaginative world of colors, forms, mystical sensationalism and occult magic to you. Using collages, sculptures, videos and art writing, Williams shares his visual insight into the ancient wisdom and sacred locations referenced by Egyptian priests, Sufi mystics, Indian philosophers, Mexican healers, Asian Buddhists and myriad other religious and visionary peoples.
Lionel Williams, artist and musician (born 1990, Hollywood, USA) is a visionary Californian sun child who shares Mindpirates’ passion for exploring new mystical horizons and making the intangible tangible.

His music is an attempt at “sonic matrices,” or combinations of sounds that beneficially affect the body. The process occurs at frequency intersections, which occur when certain tones, chords, and patterns are combined to induce specific (and usually unpredictable) qualities in the human psyche.
Let the Sun Shine In was a visual and auditory experience of Williams’ art and music. A magnet for musicians and artists from around the globe, Berlin afforded us the possibility of expanding and exposing William’s work through seven unique jam sessions running concurrently to the exhibition of Williams’ collages. Jamming, which is a collective process of creation that is temporal and highly inspired, is a great form for the artist to explore his ideas in an auditory form.
We invited a variety of musicians/artists including Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Manfred KageJens Zygar, Verity Susman, Rroxymore, Annika Henderson aka Anika, Travis Stewart aka Machine Drum, Miguel De Pedro aka Kid606Raz Ohara and the odd OrchestraValerie Renay and more.

Poem: A Flourish of Time by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore


A flourish of time and a life is complete
with its circles and straight lines
somehow converging at a
vanishing point
attended by woolen-clad angels awhirl in
blue ponds of vertical air
singing songs of ancient traditions and
neighboring galaxies beyond
human translation
yet we know their crystalline meanings
if not here and now at least in
far-off echoes past those hills in
distant outline where
other suns shine and other
moons catch their silvery rays
6 Ramadan

The publication Let The Sun Shine In (color, 64 pages) has been created especially for this project.
See more at mindpirates.org/theberlinsessions
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