Ralf Schmerberg: Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen (2013)

Ralf Schmerberg: Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen.
Berliner Arbeiten 1997–2012

17th Nov 2012 – 17th Feb 2013
Curators: Pauline Doutreluingne and Nine Yamamoto – Masson

The exhibition „Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen“ presented an overview of the work of Ralf Schmerberg made in Berlin between 1997 and 2012.
Schmerberg’s empathic eye enables him to create forcefully emotional moments on film that capture intimate atmospheres. His vision and ideas are an inspiration to many of the people he encountered and it is this combination that evokes a certain magic in his work. We showed over 125 photographs in his atelier, hung in a Saint Peter-Burgers style, which showed discrete moments of his life in Berlin. This collection of works’ focus was on the city and the people he brought together in his projects, including events and salons that comprised the creative core at the center of Berlin creative culture of the moment. Over thirty additional film works were on view, dating back to the late nineties heyday music videos (Fantastischen Vier, Toten Hosen and Zweiraumwohnung). In the Mindpirates Projektraum we showed documentation of his numerous artistic actions, happenings and projects.
During this exhibition we turned the Mindpirates Vereinsheim into a salon with a pop-up restaurant. New and old friends of the artist were invited to perform, such as Meret Becker, Maximilian Hecker, Fantastische Vier, Marco Barotti, Malakoff Kowalski and many more to create twenty unforgettable nights.

Der Hase ist Ok by Ralf Schmerberg