THE WORM: A solo-exhibition by Anne Duk Hee Jordan (2021)

artist: Anne Duk Hee Jordan
curator: Pauline Doutreluingne
sound design: Perera Elsewhere
set design and video editing: Simone Serlenga
textile Design: Yoon Kye Hee
artist assistance: Emilia Urbanek, Yen Chun Lin, Boris Deben
technical supervisor: Uwe Rommel
curatorial assistance: Anneli von Klitzing
graphic design: Andrea Macias-Yañez
authors: Inka Gressel, Susanne Weiß
robotics: Andreas Marckscheffel
workshops: Ann-Marie von Löw
translation: Lucy Powell
exhibition documentation: Kun Liang
mycelium chair design: Luca Bendandi
exhibition photography: JJ Falsetta
Into the Wild, in Kollaboration mit Herbarium Leipzig
Venue: Urania e.V., An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin

photocredit: JJ Falsetta

The exhibition The Worm: Terrestrial, Fantastic and Wet is conceived as a sensory room installation, whereby the viewer gets a fascinating insight into the world of worms. Anne Duk Hee Jordan explores the biological, physiological and sexual facets of worms and creates a completely new work that consists of soft sculptures, printed textiles, video projections and sound performances.
At the entrance of the exhibition space, a tubular tunnel, consisting of extra-tactile material, invites the visitor to the inside of the worm’s body. In the middle room the artist creates a magical world where numerous neon-colored sculptures appear out of the darkness. One hears a subliminal sound composition that continues up to the third and last room where a newly created video work with close-ups and macro views of the worms’ realm makes visible to us what one otherwise cannot perceive.