FOLD (2012)

Flyer and poster, graphic design by Thomas Desmet

CIAP, Hasselt, Belgium, November 2012.
Invited artists: Harri de VilleAstrid KorntheuerYasmin AltSara PfrommerArnaud De WolfJimena KatoAsphalt PilotenPatrick CarpentierOshin Albrecht and Juan Duque.
Curators: Pauline Doutreluingne and Juan Duque
‘For although we are accustomed to separate nature and human perception into two realms they are in fact, indivisible. Before it can ever be a repose for the sense, landscape is the work of the mind. Its scenery is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock.’ Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory. New York: Vintage Books, 1995, pp. 6-7.
‘Fold’ included work by eleven young and emerging artists in a wide range of media, from photography to sculpture, video, installation, and performance art. The topic of the exhibition is based on the word ‘Fold,’ accounting not only for its physical dimension, but also as a metaphorical concept referring to the constant transformation and manipulation of memories and actions performed in a kind of landscape that may be physical, intellectual, or emotional. ‘Fold’ seeks to dialogue with the encounter, entanglement and transfer of other possible places, sites, landscapes… .
Graphic design by Thomas Desmet.

Park (2012) by Patrick Carpentier